This new people in dollification are known as “Owner”and you will “doll”; it is like a king/slave otherwise Dom/sub relationship

This new people in dollification are known as “Owner”and you will “doll”; it is like a king/slave otherwise Dom/sub relationship

”deFUNition”: A phrase utilized in this glossary to point that the pursuing the text message is supposed to have entertainment, never to be taken positively.

diaper mate (look for mature kids): 1. Individual that clothing and you may/otherwise part takes on the new section of a child or toddler. Excellent resource 2. Individual who has putting on and/or treating themselves within the diapers, without always indulging inside the character gamble.

discipline (discover reward, punishment): Any passion where one person teaches someone else to behave otherwise work for the a designated method, have a tendency to because of the enforcing rigorous requirements of perform or by the inflicting discipline to possess incapacity to do something on the prescribed means.

dollification: the entire process of changing, emotionally and you may yourself, with the a great “living model.” Individuals who notice this course of action-and additionally people who find themselves amid the fresh new procedure otherwise have achieved an end result-is referred to as “dolls,” and most interest as well is possessed.

Rational characteristics of a doll is but are not restricted to: thrills from objectification and you may absolute subservience, the underlying will to-be transformed because of an individual’s very own and you may/or external pushes on a full time income model, sooner, the capability to end up being/get a hold of yourself within the a beneficial dollific style, that doll often continuously try to get to and you may/or improve.

While not every that these inherent qualities often embrace her or him, it doesn’t change that it’s element of exactly who they was of course.

Prominent or Dom: Person that training handle linked here for the an effective D/s relationships

Real characteristics of a model-within the processes otherwise over-were but are not restricted in order to: corsets, stiletto heels, leg levels/pantyhose, rubber/vinyl/plastic material caters to, outfits, dresses, cosmetics, etcetera. including other looks improvement. Long-hair to help you a shaved head, A-cup to help you DD (and you can larger), one peak, clothed or otherwise not, still in order to feisty-the brand new actual traits are typical according to each person doll and its own fit into and you may experience of dollification.

In the course of time the ideal actual facet of the doll is set forward because of the model by itself, a proprietor, otherwise a mixture of one another.

Note: It’s important to know there is absolutely no purpose here so you’re able to wear-out otherwise disappear the fresh toy-for example, as it may appear to particular, in comparison with the dog owner. Those people who are always M/s otherwise D/s dating are aware of the natural equivalence of such relationship, paradoxical although it may seem. —

This is certainly a good symbiotic dating: Yin and you may Yang

Domdrop: The brand new Dominating/Top’s exact carbon copy of “subdrop.” Within the short term, it’s a difficult standing for the reason that the new abrupt miss away from adrenalin regarding serious Sadomasochism enjoy. It does manifest in various psychological solutions, together with rage or despair. This is the need aftercare isn’t only getting subs/soles.

domestic (constantly placed on a servant otherwise submissive): That whoever inclination is always to serve generally due to the fact a residential, like in clean up, preparing, powering a family group. There will or might not be sexual and other physical contact mixed up in dating.

Can be used for often male or female Doms. (Discover Domina otherwise Domme significantly more than. As well as see Grasp, Domme. Examine that have Most useful, which often is the person who exercises control during the good scene, and you can which may or may not feel a principal “regular”, or may not be the latest Prominent of the person getting managed on world.

Dominate: Having energy and you may dictate over the other individual. When you look at the D/s, fundamentally relates to that have manage in the an electrical energy exchange relationships. (Out-of Latin dominus: “Lord, Grasp.”)

doormat: Label due to “are went to the.” (1) A routine vanilla view of the thought of entry. (2) A good submissive who desires are handled just like the insignificant, objectified, so you can serve with little or no showing off love or acceptance. Including an effective submissive can occasionally always feel a servant otherwise service-built. Particularly a good submissive could be perfectly healthy and you may happy within role; however, it sel from inside the distress” that have mental and you will/or notice-photo items.

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