This is the healthiest and most nutritious type of seafood

This is the healthiest and most nutritious type of seafood

Seafood means food that comes from the sea. Seafood has a variety of benefits that are good for the health of the body, not only Omega 3 which is good for heart health. So what are the benefits of eating seafood? Many people like to eat seafood because the taste is unique and different from chicken or beef. But some people should think twice about eating seafood because of high cholesterol levels. Which person do you count as Kulinas?

The content of cholesterol in seafood is actually high, so it is risky if we consume it in excess. Anything that is done in excess, of course the results are not good. So eat in moderation, because it’s a shame if you don’t eat seafood which contains many benefits for the body. Remember what the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Bu Susi Pudjiastuti said about eating fish? This is the style of seafood and its benefits for the body.

1. Sardines

Sardines are included in food ingredients that contain lots of nutrients. Sardines contain Omega 3 which can help regulate and lower cholesterol in the blood and improve blood health. Sardines are considered good food for the brain, Omega 3 will improve brain function and memory. We can eat the entire body of sardines, so that it will provide additional calcium, iron, and vitamin D which are good for healthy bones. Sardines also contain co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) which helps improve blood circulation and physical strength.

2. Seaweed

Seaweed is one of the marine plants that contain vitamin C, zinc and iodine. Seaweed has a very high protein content. Seaweed also contains complex carbohydrates which are at 40% of the total weight of seaweed — which means you will get energy quickly with a low glycemic index number, after eating it. The high fiber content of seaweed can also make you feel full longer, which is very good for digestion and diet.

3. Crab

Crab or in scientific language it is called crustaceans are counted as one of the foods with high levels of protein and Omega 3. Crab also contains elements of selenium, chromium, calcium, copper and zinc. High Omega 3 is the best thing about crabs. These fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, selenium is a powerful antioxidant and mineral. One thing to remember from eating crabs is not to overdo it! Crab with its many good benefits, also has another side that is dangerous if eaten in excess, namely, high cholesterol.

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