Egyptian Drinks

Egyptian Drinks

What do you imagine about Egypt? Most of you will probably remember about the beauty and ancient relics, such as the pyramids, Giza, Spinx etc. But have you ever thought about a typical Egyptian drink that turns out to be no less interesting than other countries?

Egypt is a very unique country, located between the continents of Asia and Africa. Even though this country is included in the African Continent, when viewed from an ethnic point of view, this country is closer to Arabia.

1. Hindi Tamar

Quoting from Tamar hindi is a typical Egyptian cold drink. This drink combines tamarind and sugar liquid.

The combination of the two produces a fresh sour taste. This taste really supports the hot conditions of Egypt, making this drink suitable for consumption at any time.

Hindi tamar cannot be served instantly, because it requires time and process, at least overnight. Why is that?

The reason is that the acid and sugar in it can really seep in and blend together, so that the resulting taste is more delicious and delicious. Besides being able to be enjoyed at any time, tamar hindi is also suitable to be used as an iftar drink.

2. Sobia

Sobia is a cold rice-based drink, served in a large, full glass. This drink is a favorite of children in Egypt.

We can find sobia not only in Egypt, in various Middle Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, even in India.

However, the most dominant is in Egypt, because this drink is always present at all times. This is different from other countries in the Middle East which only serve sobia during the month of Ramadan.

The ingredients used in making sobia are fairly easy to find, especially in Indonesia because this drink is made from rice powder which is soaked overnight, then coconut powder is added.

Like other typical Egyptian drinks, sobia is usually served chilled and sold in plastic bags during Ramadan.

3. Qamar El Din

Qamar el din in some areas of Egypt is also known as qomaruddin. I do not know what is the background of this one drink called by that name.

When the month of Ramadan arrives, qamar el din or qamaruddin will suddenly be hotly discussed, because this drink is a favorite of the Egyptian people that month.

Fresh taste and many benefits are the main reasons why qamar el din is a favorite drink. Especially in the month of Ramadan we need more stamina to withstand thirst and hunger all day long, so this drink is the right choice.

The basic ingredients used in making qamar el din are apricots mixed with rose tea water, then don’t forget to add sugar as a sweetener.

This drink has quite an attractive appearance, at a glance the color is like mango juice, which is the yellow color produced from the paprika fruit.

4. Qasab

When translated into Indonesian, qasab means sugarcane. This is not surprising, because Egypt is one of the largest sugarcane producing countries in the world. Based on information, Egypt is capable of producing as much as 2.2 million tons of sugar per year.

Sugarcane drink itself is not a foreign thing for Indonesian people, considering that Indonesia is also a sugarcane producing country.

In several areas in Indonesia, especially in eastern Java, we will find sugarcane ice sellers everywhere, the price is quite cheap, around 3 thousand Rupiah.

Sugarcane ice and qasab are not much different, considering that the manufacturing process is similar, namely by squeezing water from sugarcane stalks and then adding ice to add a refreshing taste.

5. Jallab

Jallab is a drink made from dates, or in other languages, date syrup. This drink is not only famous in Egypt, but in other countries in the Middle East, such as Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen and other places.

The basic ingredients used to make jallab are not only date syrup, but rose water and grape molasses are also added to add flavor and aroma.