5 Typical Chinese New Year Drinks in Indonesia that are Fresh and Rich in Benefits

5 Typical Chinese New Year Drinks in Indonesia that are Fresh and Rich in Benefits

Imlek or Chinese New Year is not only synonymous with angpao. However, there are also special Chinese food and drinks that are often served to guests who come to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Even though in 2023 it is still forbidden to gather and visit each other to celebrate Chinese New Year, it would be incomplete if when welcoming the new year, you don’t serve these seven typical Chinese New Year drinks in Indonesia. Anything?

1. Chrysanthemum Tea

According to https://www.danguisichuancuisine.com/, chrysanthemum tea is made from chrysanthemum flowers. The color of chrysanthemum tea is clearer than regular tea, but has a calming aroma. Usually, chrysanthemum tea is served in the morning or evening when gathering with extended family. The fragrant aroma of chrysanthemum tea makes the gathering atmosphere pleasant.

Apart from its delicious taste, chrysanthemum tea also has many benefits. Consuming chrysanthemum tea can prevent colds, as well as being beneficial for people with brain disorders. It is suitable to be consumed warm in the midst of rainy weather like today.

2. Milk Tea

Still related to tea, milk tea or milk tea is also often served during Chinese New Year. Milk tea is served during Chinese New Year because it can be a bridge between generations that are gathering. It tastes sweet and can be served hot or cold, making anyone love this milk tea. For its benefits, milk tea has antioxidants which are believed to be able to maintain endurance.

Now milk tea or milk tea is a favorite of many people. Even milk tea is sold with boba or jelly topping, which has made this drink viral among millennials and gen z.

3. Plum Juice

Plum fruit juice is also one of the typical Chinese New Year drinks. This drink is usually consumed by those who are on a diet. The sour and sweet taste makes plum juice very fresh. Especially when consumed during the day.

Plums are known as fruits that are rich in vitamin C. Therefore, consuming plum juice is beneficial for increasing the body’s immunity, preventing colds, and heartburn.

4. Mai Dong

If this one drink is usually consumed by adult men. Mai dong is a drink made from fruit and spices. Usually mai dong is consumed after hard work or exercise as an energy booster.

5. Baijiu

Just like mai dong, baijiu is also specifically for adults. This is because baijiu or white wine contains 40-60% alcohol. Baijiu is believed to warm the body in winter. However, be careful when drinking it, OK? Make sure you don’t drive the car after drinking baijiu.