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Soybean is an annual plant belonging to the Legume family. It has a mixed root system with a deep taproot and several shallow lateral roots. The plant’s stem reaches a height of 120 cm, and its leaves have a rhomboid-oval shape. Soybean flowers, ranging from 5 to 20, form clusters located in leaf axils, while the fruit is a pod containing up to 4 seeds.



Soy finds broad applications in human and animal nutrition due to its unique chemical composition. Notably, soy is rich in protein, constituting 30-50% of a single seed. The water-soluble soy protein is easily digestible by the human body and doesn’t contribute to harmful cholesterol accumulation. The product also contains essential amino acids and minerals. Soy’s high-quality protein is valuable for animals and poultry, commonly added to their diet as meal and cake supplements. Soy hay is widely used in livestock farming. Its applications in culinary, medicine, positive impact on soil nitrogen accumulation, and the mentioned nutritional benefits make soy a valuable crop in agriculture.

Industrial and Agricultural Uses:

Preparation of vegetarian patties, sausages, soups, and other dishes.

Production of soy milk.

Oil extraction and sauce production.

Flour production, used in soy meat manufacturing.

High-nutrient feed for livestock in agriculture.

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